" cursed with illness and frailty since birth.
feels comfort in delicate porcelain dolls due
to her poor health. under this angelic soft
appearance belies a troublesome personality,
very lazy, sleepy, lacking attention, having
trouble communicating w people. even though
she had the best grades in school, she hates
studying, prefers to surf on the internet while
eating snacks. as long as her love is near her,
she doesn't need anything else from life. "

lyn's intro

Hello I am Lyn, I am twenty years old and I
currently live in Romania. I am not too good
at introducing myself because I struggle to
understand what I truly represent as a human.
My online corners help me find comfort and
stability, this website is an example. I can
speak 5 languages: romanian, russian, ukrainean,
english, french and I am learning japanese and
german. I really enjoy coding ( currently
learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, C++/# and
Python ), science, especially astronomy and
physics, literature, digital art, j-fashion
( my favourite styles are cult party kei and
shiro lolita ), old scary movies, gothic rock
and post-punk russian bands, guns, frilly white
past. I struggle with diagnosed BPD , OCD and
other things I am not gonna list on here. I dont
feel comfy when people make jokes about mental
health or self diagnose themselves, so please
dont do that.

๏ธถ๏ธถ เญจเญง ๏ธถ๏ธถ


thanks to my friends for allowing
me to use their images in my website
marie : @lttlestlamb on all platforms
mim : her server


may, 17 :
changed the layout
lol i m so indecisive

april, 27 :
not an update but
please join my friend's server , the old one got hacked..
comfy server

and mim's backup server cute server

april, 17 :
new page , online diary ,
click on the ribbon to
check it out. (might
change that soon)

april, 16 :
changed cursor
(again..) , fixed stuff

april, 11 :
working on a
new page !

april, 9 :
made it pink
when you select text

april, 8 :
worked on the
last page + add more stuff

april, 7 :
finished page
april, 6 :
added custom

april, 4 :
added chatbox,
other minor updates..

april, 2 :
started the
creation of this website